Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Fangland Movie in 2011

Fangland MovieFangland is an upcoming movie adaptation of the 2007 novel of the same name written by John Marks: the story is a contemporary look at Dracula, it relates the tale of Evangeline Harker, a television producer who finds herself on the trail of a Transylvanian arms dealer with a ravenous appetite for human blood... John Carpenter is set to helm the project and with Hilary Swank in the lead role as a journalist sent on assignment to Transylvania.

"An American TV producer (Hilary Swank) is off to Transylvania to evaluate a possible story on Romanian reputed crime lord Ion Torgu. She doesn't know yet that the arms dealer is actually Dracula's latest avatar..."

Glad to hear that John Carpenter (who once brought us The Thing) will be back with a new horror movie, even if it's just one more take on the vampire movie genre. Besides I'm kind of fan of Hilary Swank, who besides being pretty, is a quite talented actress. So you can definitely sign me up for the movie Fangland!

More details about the movie Fangland should surface online soon, so stay tuned!